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ASUMA bilbiography

12 October 2016 ( maj : 28 October 2016 ), by Vincent Favier

1.Legrand, M., X. Yang, S. Preunkert, and N. Theys (2016) Year-round
records of sea salt, gaseous, and particulate inorganic bromine in the
atmospheric boundary layer at coastal (Dumont d’Urville) and central
(Concordia) East Antarctic sites, /Journal of geophysical
research-atmospheres/, 121, 997 — 1023. [doi:10.1002/2015JD024066]
<http://dx.doi.org/doi:10.1002/2015J...> .

2.V. Favier, D. Verfaillie, E. Berthier, M. Menegoz, V. Jomelli, J. E.
Kay, L. Ducret, Y. Malbéteau, D. Brunstein, H. Gallée, Y.-H. Park & V.
Rinterknecht (2016) Atmospheric drying as the main driver of dramatic
glacier wastage in the southern Indian Ocean, /Scientific reports/, 6,
32396. [doi:10.1038/srep32396] <http://dx.doi.org/doi:10.1038/srep32396>

3.Amory, C., H. Gallée, F. Naaim-Bouvet, V. Favier, E. Vignon, G.
Picard, A. Trouvilliez, L. Piard, C. Genthon and H. Bellot (2016)
Seasonal variations in drag coefficients over a sastrugi-covered
snowfield of coastal East Antarctica, Boundary Layer Meteorology, in press

4.Jones, J.M., et al. (2016) Assessing recent trends in high-latitude
Southern Hemisphere surface climate, Nature Climate Change,6,917—926,

5.Goursaud, S., V. Masson-Delmotte, V. Favier, S. Preunkert, M. Fily, H.
Gallée, B. Jourdain, M. Legrand, O. Magand, B. Minster, M. Werner, A
sixty year ice-core record of regional climate from Adélie Land, coastal
Antarctica, The Cryosphere Discussion, submitted