The LGGE raid team

Emmanuel Lemeur

Emmanuel Le Meur is in charge of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) measurements along the traverse, allowing for a continuous mapping of surface of egal age within the firn (called isoschrones) from which accumulation rates can be deduced. He is also involved in ice sheet /glacier modelling in response to climate change with an empahasis on their future contribution to sea level rise. In that (...)

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Bruno Jourdain

Specialist in wireless communications, Bruno Jourdain invests a lot of time studying the friction of snow on smooth surfaces covered with wax. He also enjoys shoveling snow or watching penguins. He has already driven large tractors on raids in Antarctica, where he spent some time pumping the air to try to analyze (...)

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Ghislain Picard

Vignette une

Ghislain Picard is a snow polar scientist. How climate change affects the snow cover and its properties in polar regions, and how in turn snow influences the lower atmosphere are central questions of his work. He uses satellite observations, in-situ measurements and a variety of models to address these questions. His specialty is snow optics and the interaction between microwave and snow. (...)

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Vincent Favier

Vincent Favier is dedicated to develop regional scale measurement networks and modeling approaches of the surface mass and heat budgets of Antarctica. He manages the French glaciers observatory in Antarctica (GLACIOCLIM-SAMBA) aiming at performing long term glaciological measurements, and is the French SCAR-ITASE.(International Trans-Antarctic Scientific Expedition) and the French SCAR (...)

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