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Les 4 volets d’ASUMA

Description of the different work packages

The ASUMA project proposes methods to maximize the reliability of SMB projections, through a large-scale analysis of surface snow/firn in the 1500-2000m asl transition zone. To resolve these queries, the ASUMA project is organized in 5 tasks or work packages.

Due to the remoteness of this sector of Antarctica from research stations, a scientific traverse is necessary (Task 1 : scientific and logistical coordination). We will first get punctual SMB data from firn cores and interpolate the data over long distances thanks to GPR data (Task 2 : Ice core drilling and dating). Then, as described in the previous section, we will offer :

  1. an accurate analysis of surface snow physics in the region of study,
  2. the physical relationships between the surface physical characteristics and the remote sensing signal (Task 4 : snow physical characteristic study in relationship with remote sensing),
  3. a better assessment of current moisture transport towards Antarctica and hence of atmospheric processes and circulations (Task 3 : Ice core content analysis),
  4. a better modeling of the SMB and hence a more accurate estimation of the future SMB of Antarctica and its mitigation effect on global sea level (Task 5 : Modeling)

The project will train two PhD students, co-supervised between the 3 French laboratories involved in cryospheric research (LGGE, LSCE and LEGOS), reflecting and reinforcing the strong collaboration already existing between the involved teams.

Volet 1 : Coordination scientifique et logistique

Task 1 : scientific and logistical coordination (Coordination : V. Favier, LGGE).

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Volet 2 : Forage et datation des carottes de glace

Task 2 : Ice core drilling and dating, (Co. : E. Le Meur and O. Magand, LGGE)).

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Volet 3 : Analyse de composition des carottes de glace

Task 3 : Ice core content analysis (Co : V. Masson-Delmotte, LSCE, M. Legrand, LGGE).

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Volet 4 : Remote sensing et caractéristiques physiques de la neige

Task 4 : snow physical characteristic study in relationship with remote sensing, (Co. : G. Picard, LGGE and F. Rémy, LEGOS).

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Volet 5 : Modélisation du BMS (Bilan de Masse de Surface)

Task 5 : Modeling, (Co. : V. Favier, and G. Krinner, LGGE).

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